Impact Lighting Inc.'s ION-CUBE

Powerful Color Changing Outdoor Wall Wash Illuminator

twilight star kits ION-CUBE

Impact Lighting Inc.'s Award Winning Panel System

Awarded Best Star Panel System 2 Years in a Row from Electronic Magazine

twilight star kits twilight star ceilings

Impact Lighting, Inc. STAR PANEL SYSTEM

State of the art module LED star system that includes a proprietary LED light source that can generate special effects.

Introducing the New Twilight Star Kits!

Create your perfect night sky and effects with the best DO IT YOURSELF LED technology available in digital star lighting!

led star ceiling kits

Introducing the New EPIC EQ

Epic Sky’s EQ is perfect for home theaters, special events, and custom effect lighting for the music industry.

led lighted equalizer

Introducing New LED MINI Downlights

Impact Mini DownlightPowerful mini 3 Watt designer lights perfect for architectural, commercial and custom star panel applications!

led mini downlights

Residential and Commercial Specialty Rs232 Controlled Lighting

Impact Lighting Advanced Rs232, wifi controller and custom apps give you complete control!

rs232 rs232 wifi system, epic sky technology

LED Step Lighting

Unique lighted stair system for your home or business.

LED step lighting LED step lighting

LED Handrail Lighting

The Epicrail is an indoor/outdoor LED-based handrail that delivers functional illumination.

LED lighted handrails LED lighted handrails

Commercial Lighting

Textured modular led lighted wall panels for commercial and residential applications.

modular wall panel systems


Creating dynamic environments with sound and light with the most powerful controllers on the market today!

music to light interface, serial sound generator

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Lumi mini downlights Impact Lighting’s 80W IP67 LED WALL WASH FIXTURE The ION-CUBE series LED Light Source is an 80 watt 24V multi-controllable and configurable wall washer for the architectural and commercial lighting, markets such as The Orlando City Center, Aloft Hotel and Waverly Apartment building, The ION-CUBE an be configured with white light or RGB+W LEDs with a *stand-alone program, DMX, RS232 Serial or RF. LED options include RGB+W. Cool, White, and Warm White. Discreet colors upon special order, contact the factory for availability. The ION-CUBE features no serviceable or moving parts. The fanless SynJet® Cooler provides for quiet and efficient heat sink cooling with a frictionless oscillating diaphragm. A 120W/24V power supply rated for 100-240VAC and 277VAC for North America only is included. Optional dimming transformer is available. *Stand-alone program / SB - Smart Board option: Advance through the color programs by toggling the ON/OFF switch. Blue/White/Cyan/Green/Magenta/Red/Gold/Smooth Color Cycle Through All Colors.



Lumi mini downlights Impact Lighting’s Lumi Mini Downlights are the perfect combination of power and design for high quality architectural, commercial and home automation use. Lumi Mini lights can be controlled by Epic Sky’s Advanced RS232 Controller or work independently. Low wattage runs multiple lights through RJ45 connection! • Unique Power over Cat 5 • 3 Watts of power in a compact fixture • Available in black or white housing • Can be controlled with DMX via EPIC DMX decoder or any constant voltage controllers • Long lamp life • Perfect for Epic Sky's Star Panel applications.



wireless power The Epic™ Wifi Lighting System is a family of products designed to connect almost any LED lighting to a network in a matter of minutes. Includes a choice of wireless WiFi or wired TCP/IP, serial RS232 controller and the EPIC’s Symphony music and sound module. The innovative design of the Epic™ WiFi Lighting Control System allows for easy and flexible integration into any network control solution. The Epic™ WiFi Lighting Control System is a simple wired (EP-WLS-ETH) or wireless (EP-WLS-WIFI) conduit between you and your device over a network. This is instant network-enabling at its best, delivering the power of choice at a cost-effective price..


wireless power Epicrail™ is an LED-based illuminated handrail. This energy efficient, sustainable solution finally addresses the architectural need for an handrail that produces required illumination levels for both interior and exterior stairs, ramps and pedestrian walkways.

The Epicrail is an indoor/outdoor LED-based handrail that delivers functional illumination. The light output version delivers illuminance levels appropriate for interior and exterior applications as well as for dark interior environments with low ambient illumination levels (e.g., themed environments, theatres and residential areas).


wireless power The EPIC SYMPHONY is an music interface that analyzes a variety of frequencies and controls LED channels accordingly. The symphony is completely controllable via RS232.

• No programming is required
• Ability to be controlled via rs232 serial commands
• 2 types of music inputs, line level in and detachable microphone
• Closed contact control for on and off operation
• Can be used with most industry RGB LED controllers (constant current or constant voltage LEDs)
• Pre-addressed for different movie genre - horror, action, comedy and or concert shows, etc.
• Pre-addresses for a variety of music - classical, rock , pop, theatrical etc.
• Musical light show for your commercial or residential establishment
• Our solutions make it possible to increase the sustainability of soothing environments.
• Easily transform any space to create your own ambience. Medical purposes (Stress and anxiety often are high for patients visiting a medical center and this can inhibit patient recovery time. If patients can customize their environment, it gives them additional control of their personal space. This, in turn, can have a positive effect on recovery time and quality.)


The EPIC MELODY is a state of the art module that can trigger sound effects that synchronizes with the pre-programmed thunder, lightning and rain effects, etc.

The EPIC MELODY can either perform in standalone mode, or with a RS232 protocol which can be controlled by a third party control system or by the epic's, proprietary wall control, touch pad to produce sound effects on demand.



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